Use of Rexobol 50 Cycle and Its Features

Rexobol 50 cycle may include different types of sports supplements. Three of them are the most popular:

  • Whey – has a high degree of cleavage, so amino acids quickly enter the blood. Quickly provides your muscle mass with nutrients.
  • Casein – long assimilated, about 6-8 hours, providing a smooth background of amino acids in the blood. Rarely used because you can replace the cottage cheese.
  • Soy is a well-balanced species with excellent absorption, but not as effective and popular as casein and whey. Nevertheless, it has a significant advantage – it well reduces cholesterol and helps with osteoporosis.

How To Correctly Take Rexobol 50 Cycle?

An ordinary person, leading a regular life, you need a minimum 1 gram of protein per each kilogram of body weight. For an athlete, this figure is 2 times more (ideally 2.5 grams per kg of weight). And normally the proteins obtained only from animal products. For example, 100 grams of chicken breast contains about 22 grams of protein.

An athlete weighing 90 kilograms needs to consume about 180-225 grams per day, which is equal to 800-1000 grams of chicken breast. Theoretically, it is quite possible to master so much food, but it is annoying and, as mentioned above, sometimes protein is needed here and now, after sleep or before training.

When and how much to take Rexobol 50 cycle? Everything will depend on the scarcity of Your diet. But remember that supplements should not be present in the diet for more than 40-50%. The ideal time of reception will be the period immediately after a night’s sleep. Your body spent all nutrients during the night, and he is immediately looking for construction material.

After taking a portion of Rexobol 50 tablets, wait 30 minutes and have a full breakfast. After training, be sure to take a portion of food with fast carbohydrates, such as bananas. The most delicious Rexobol 50 mix in 300-400 ml of milk, which will also add calories to the diet. For strict adherence to energy intake using plain water. Before going to bed need casein Rexobol 50 cycle or a pack of cottage cheese, excluding carbohydrates.

rexobol 50 cycle

Use and Harm of Rexobol 50 Cycle

The more Your muscle mass – the more you need Winstrol cycle. Protein deficiency carries a variety of problems (skin, body, nails, hair). It will literally save the muscles from drying out. This is especially true for those who are regularly engaged in the gym. It is often much easier to drink a glass of sweet cocktail than to eat a full dish with the same amount of protein.

There is practically no harm from Rexobol 50 cycle, except for its intolerance or abuse. It is important to remember that too much protein in the body should not be – it is unsafe for the kidneys. A low caloric content can rather be attributed to the pros than cons.

Side Effects of Rexobol 50 Cycle

Of course, like any other product, Stanozolol Rexobol 50 cycle has its side effects. It depends on the composition of the powder used, so before buying you should carefully read the instructions. If You have an Allergy, for example, to milk, then you do not want to take casein Rexobol 50 cycle – in this case, there may be problems with the intestine (pain, bloating, indigestion). But, given the low percentage of people allergic to casein, in most cases, this supplement is safe.

If Your body does not tolerate lactose (milk sugar), you should refrain from taking Rexobol 50 cycle, replacing it with serum isolate – it does not contain lactose. In this case, the side effect will be about the same as from dairy products, which is also extremely rare.

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