SARMs or Steroids? No need to choose!

All the Pros do it! Only naive nerds believe that a life-giving barbell can turn a frail guy into Mr. Olympia overnight. Iron Arnie has repeatedly admitted that he took steroids throughout his competitive career. What he did not say, is that Rick Draisin who trained with Mr. Olympia, personally borrowed “magic pills” from the future Terminator, which he received from Europe. Modern bodybuilders too, without blushing, say that they practice with this pharmacological support regularly. Moreover, the current Pro bodybuilders consume anabolic steroids more and more often than at the date it was accepted when Mr. Schwarzenegger was a competing athlete. Some of them prefer the classic steroids, while others prefer innovative drugs of the SARM family. The correct term for SARMs are “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators”. Then the question arises, are SARMs better or worse than steroids?

Anabolic steroids

Steroids are nothing more than a synthetic analogue of testosterone. Each injection of a substance is perceived by the body as an abnormal increase in the level of this hormone. The body begins to regulate it and reduces or turns off the natural synthesis of this hormone. If the course of steroids lasts a long time, then the process of suppression of the same hormone becomes irreversible.

Athletes who train in the gym for the sake of powerful muscles sooner or later come to understand the need for pharmacological support within their training. Still, the main question arises, what to take to increase muscle mass – steroids or selective modulators?

In a male athlete, steroids can significantly reduce or completely kill reproductive functions and post cycle therapy with drugs for potency in such cases does not give the desired effect. If you take drugs orally, then there is an additional risk of liver damage, since it is the liver which acts as a transmission link and steroids are toxic substances for this organ. Therefore, experienced athletes prefer injections as they do not promote much harm to this organ.

Although many steroids have negative aspects if abused, many substances such as Testosterone Propionate, Turinabol, Primobolan and Drostanolone Propionate can be used safely within a course alongside the preventative counter substances without becoming detrimental to the athlete’s health.

Advantages of SARMs over AAC

Buying steroids legally is not possible without a prescription. In sports nutrition stores, more and more space on the shelves is taken up by SARMs, which are the new generation of anabolic steroids. They are freely sold, do not cost more than steroids and are mostly in the form of capsules. That is, they are taken orally and they do not harm the liver. Initially, the sports environment reacted to selective androgen receptor modulators with cautious skepticism. If there are no stinging side effects, then it does not work, approximately this is the logic which the “old guard” was guided by. But the young and zealous were the first to experience the effects of the latest generation of sports drugs. And the daredevils were convinced that in the future SARMs will completely replace steroid use.

Although SARMs can provide great benefits for the athlete and some think that these will replace the use of ASS all together, substances such as Clenbuterol and HGH will still be used alongside the SARMs in order to maximize the benefits for the user. These two amazing and widely used substances not only contain benefits for within workouts but also for the overall health and functioning of the athlete’s body. You can read more regarding their many great uses within our online sports pharmacology store.

Modern selective modulator drugs can replace steroids when taken in combination with “related” drugs. Course two- or three-component support in practice shows an effect that is many times greater than the effect of taking “solo” drugs.

The way SARMs work is fundamentally different. If steroids are hormone replacement therapy, then SARMs are a substance that acts on tissue receptors, as hormones do, but at the same time it does not look like a hormone and is not perceived by the body as a hormone.

Hence these pros of using SARMs:

  • Taking legal SARMs does not provoke oppression of the endocrine glands;
  • Taking SARMs activates the natural mechanisms of synthesis of proteins, testosterone, etc., bringing them to a higher level of productivity;
  • SARMs do not harm the liver;
  • SARMs do not reduce sexual function and do not provoke hair loss;
  • They can be taken longer and with shorter pauses in-between courses.

The drugs in this group are rarely taken solo. Manufacturers sell ready-made two-component courses of SARMs for different training cycles.

To find the best outcomes for your body and your training outcomes, it is best to select your desired goals and weight up the Pros and Cons of each substance that will provide you with the desired results. Only then will you be able to weight up if SARMs or Steroids will be most beneficial for your outcomes and your overall health! You read this article “How to build muscle” here.