How to Properly Use Proviron in a Deca Stack

Proviron is a good choice to use in a Deca-only cycle and is one of the most common steroids used for this purpose. But before diving into how to properly use Proviron in a Deca Stack, we must first identify what exactly is Proviron.

Proviron is simply the trade name for the drug Mesterolone, and it is a synthetic derivative of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Proviron has no anabolic effects; thus, its effectiveness in muscle building and strength promotion will not be noticed. The primary purpose of Proviron is to protect testosterone and other steroids used during a cycle from being metabolized by the aromatase enzyme. This is important to remember, as Proviron will only remain active in the body for about 3-4 days, with a half-life of 7 hours.

Proviron is not very versatile among steroid users; it is mainly useful during bulking phases or cutting phases when one desires to keep their gains lean while using other steroids that aromatize easily. For bodybuilders, this could mean adding Proviron to a bulking stack of testosterone and Dianabol, or to a cutting stack consisting of Equipoise (boldenone) and Winstrol as it will help keep any water retention minimal.

Proviron has also been known to help with libido issues; however, taking this steroid long-term may cause problems in the bedroom and is not recommended for this purpose.

Proviron has been a very popular choice among powerlifters and Olympic lifters as it is simply a good choice for those who wish to stay hard and dry through cycles of other steroids.

When looking at Proviron, we find very little benefit in the first two weeks of use; thus, many recommend waiting until week four before considering adding this compound to your cycle. However, recent studies have found Proviron to be quite effective within the first two weeks of use. Since Mesterolone has many similarities to DHT, it is only logical that Proviron becomes fast-acting upon being metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme in a similar manner to other DHT-containing compounds such as Masteron and Winstrol.

The only negative side of using Proviron during the first two weeks of a cycle is that it can cause some people to lose strength. This will usually improve on its own as your body becomes used to Proviron, but if you feel like this is an unacceptable side effect then simply drop the compound after the first two weeks.

How to Buy Proviron that is used in a Deca Stack

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Proviron can be effectively incorporated in a Deca-only cycle by simply adding Proviron to the stack of Deca and testosterone (or similar hormones). These combinations are especially beneficial for those who see any bloating or water retention when using Deca alone. This is mainly due to the progestin nature of nandrolone compounds, which can promote excess water retention. Adding Proviron will help minimize or eliminate this issue completely for some men, while others may only see a slight improvement by adding it to their cycle.

To properly run Proviron in a Deca Stack cycle, the first thing you should remember is to run it for no more than 4-6 weeks of the cycle. This is because Proviron will only remain active in the body for about 3-4 days. You can also stack other ancillary drugs with Proviron but remember that it won’t do much good after about a week. So if you are running Deca for 8 weeks, you should add Proviron for 4-6 weeks and if you are on for 12 weeks, you can add it for 8. It is also important to note that most steroid users will notice a possible “crash” in their libido a day or two after stopping a cycle of Proviron.

The dosages for Proviron in a Deca Stack cycle vary from 50-100 mg per day. For a beginner steroid user, 100mg of Proviron is all that’s needed when running it in a Deca Stack cycle for no more than 6 weeks. For the more advanced users, splitting the dosage into two daily injections of 50 mg each can be effective; however, this will make detection times much harder to detect.

In conclusion, usingProviron for sale in a Deca Stack can be very beneficial for some individuals. It is important to keep in mind that Proviron will only remain active in the body for about 3-4 days and should be stacked with other ancillary drugs if you plan on running it longer than 6 weeks.

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