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    Manufacturer: Natco Pharma
    Substance: Exemestane
    Package: 25mg (28 pills)

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    Manufacturer – Natco Pharma

    Release form – 28 tablets, 25 mg

    Active ingredient – Exemestane (Aromasin)

    The drug is produced under different names, typically the generic version is known as “Aromasin”, but these different versions all have the identical active ingredients. It is an aromatase inhibitor with an extended range of uses. In medical practice, it is used to treat breast cancer in women. The drug is absolutely safe, therefore it is appreciated not only among physicians, but also among athletes. In most cases, athletes using steroids are faced with aromatization problems. During the conversion of testosterone to estrogens, the athlete experiences discomfort, the general health worsens and gynecomastia manifests itself. To eliminate these problems, you need to take Exemestane, a drug with a powerful effect. For beginners, before taking, you need to consult with specialists and get tested for the current hormone levels. If you are unable to visit a doctor, you can contact our consultants via our website. You can also place an order for Exemestane in the USA.

    Pharmacological effects

    • Prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogens, eliminates aromatization;
    • Prevents gynecomastia, eliminates the consequences;
    • Helps reduce puffiness around the nipples;
    • Gives elasticity to muscles and more definitions;
    • Reduces the likelihood of temporary hypertension;
    • Increases the level of anabolic hormones;
    • Strengthens the action of steroid substances;
    • Saturates the body with strength;
    • Increases sexual performance;
    • Normalizes hormones.

    Course and recommendations

    Each organism has individual characteristics, so pay attention first of all to your own well-being. The dosage is calculated depending on the situation and the manifestation of side effects. For preventive measures, you need to start at the third week of a course of steroids at a dosage of 12.5mg every 3-4th day. If you have the first signs of gynecomastia, you need to increase the dosage to 25mg per day until these side effects disappear. The effectiveness of the product directly depends on the actions of the athlete and compliance with all of the drug’s recommendations.

    Please note: With Exemestane, this is a class 1 anti-estrogen, which mean in brief terms, that you can cancel out the aromatization process within the body up to 98%, but while doing so, this means that you will not have any estrogen left circulating around the blood stream. When this substance is discontinued, you must make sure that you can replenish these levels, as the body still needs some level of estrogen to full function. Also estrogen is a vital building block for muscle mass growth, so canceling too much of it out, will only hinder your results. Please use this drug wisely and take care when lowering your estrogen levels to prevent any estrogenic side effects.

    Side Effects

    • Decreased sexual desire;
    • Pain in muscles and joints;
    • Nausea;
    • Gastrointestinal upset;
    • Hot flushes;
    • Depressed mood;
    • Insomnia.

    Please note, that with the controlled use of this drug and with following the recommended guidelines of its use, you can avoid these side effects that are listed above. Making sure you find and purchase a genuine product is the last thing that you need to worry about.

    Here, you can buy Exemestane at a bargain price in our online store Steroids.click. We sell only original sports products from well-known pharmaceutical companies around the world. Delivery is possible within any state of the US and also abroad.


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