10 mistakes beginners make in bodybuilding

Each of us is constantly trying to learn something and gain invaluable experience, but sometimes we make common mistakes. Which, by the way, are not connected with the correctness of performing certain exercises, but with specific stereotypes of thinking that had formed even before our first visit to the gym. There was a case when we talked together about the gym culture, or rather, what open and unspoken rules exist that must be followed. Probably, today’s material will refer to the same topic. Unfortunately, a lot of people adhere to unproven advice and more specifically, they start to get confused about some things that can subsequently and significantly slow down muscle growth if not figured out in time. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes.

No. 1. Workout programs from well-known stars

Beginners often go to the gym being well-read, especially for children aged 14-18. And don’t know that, having studied the training program of some stars up and down, they try to apply it on themselves, working almost to the point of losing conscious. But this categorically should not be done due to the fact that:

• Usually bodybuilders make flexible programs, which are subsequently corrected more than once. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can find a really competent program for gaining mass or for drying, just digging around on the Internet;

• Each program is initially developed for a specific person, for their physique, daily routine and more. But what works great for one person may harm another;

• Absolutely all athletes performing professionally have long been unable to do this without various steroids, which can help to achieve great results. For a person who eats naturally, such results are unlikely to be available.

Conclusion. No matter how much you try to exercise, and no matter how long your workouts are with the correct use of food, you will definitely not achieve the same results of professional athletes or athletes who use supplemented help within their workouts. For those who are interested in taking their training to the next level, you can find a large array of training supplements within our online store.


No. 2. More is always better

Muscles grow exclusively from stress, that is, they should be stressed and in order for growth to be more effective, they must be pumped hard and constantly. This is absolutely not the case! Most people who are trying to get pumped up in the shortest possible time by the summer, simply stay 24/7 in the gym. These gym users come to train and they are engaged, they also go home and they are still engaged. It is necessary to understand that muscles grow only after training and not during it. Initially, they are competently loaded and receive a greater load than on a normal day. After that, a rupture of muscle fibers is formed, which, with proper regimens of nutrition and sleep, will heal and grow stronger. If you tear the muscles constantly, there will be no time for healing, which means that they will not be able to recover. In addition, the body may not withstand such loads and fall into the so-called “catabolic state”, this is when the growth processes are suppressed, hormonal functions are confused and upset and the body uses its own muscle as a source of fuel to repair the damaged muscle. In turn, this defeats the point of training at all.

Conclusion. In this case, at the initial stage, it will be better to have a shortage in training than an overkill. The most optimal is 2-3 workouts per week, and after 2-3 months you need to look at the functional state of your own body before increasing your weekly workout training sessions and durations.

If you do not know how many workouts per week will be optimal for you, you can read this article – 5 rules of exercising in the heat

No. 3. Beer as a carbohydrate complex

Many people love beer. Everyone knows that it contains hops, artesian water, barley, as well as a large amount of valuable carbohydrates such as wheat, which are necessary for energy recovery after a long workout. Sheer delirium in fact and it is completely incomprehensible where it came from. Beer is a faithful companion to the stomach and after a workout in general, the shortest way to the hospital. Carbohydrates of course, there are by the way, complex carbs, but they are not at all equal in biological value to cereals. Complex in the intention that it is quite difficult for the body to break them down, and the easiest way is to put them aside is in the form of fat. It is not difficult to have to take a trip to the hospital after a workout due to consuming beer. During training, everyone’s autonomic system experiences incredible stress, because it distills blood in large volumes from one muscle site to another. The blood flow into the muscle can increase up to twenty times, and the heart is the main muscle, which is responsible for blood circulation. Think about the stress it is experiencing while you are drinking beer after training.

Conclusion: Try not to drink beer (despite its carbohydrate levels) and other alcohol, not only after training but within your general life. The carbohydrate and beer story is an old myth that gave athletes a guilt-free excuse to get on the beer after working hard within the gym.

No. 4. Train and gain like it’s a holiday

We can safely consider this a continuation of the second point, because for many, training in the gym is a kind of panacea, curing everything from, study, family issues, girl problems and work or home nuances. These days, people go to the gym as if they are on a holiday and this is very wonderful, but on the one hand, a gym user should not be mistaken and overestimate the effectiveness of training. Only 30-40 percent of success can be obtained there and everything else comes from good rest and good nutrition!

Conclusion. Don’t get hung up on one workout. Over time, everything will come to you, you just need to work patiently and consistency is the key for all growth or to reach your desired goals.

No. 5. Bodybuilding is all about chemistry

Many believe that if a person has managed to gain healthy muscles, he is a chemist and takes a variety of prohibited means. The main problem here is the understanding that everything different from simple food supplements or to beginners begin to equate with steroids. And there is no difference for them, whether it is creatine or the simplest protein, if it is not chicken, it immediately means some kind of chemistry. This is a misconception because sports nutrition and various nutritional supplements provide the body with sources of building materials for energy and muscle growth that are easily absorbed. But steroids are a frontal attack and this is a blow below the belt that disrupts absolutely the entire hormonal plan. Only they will provide the most accurate way of impairing reproductive functions in men and to gain serious muscle.

Conclusion. Sports nutrition and various steroids are completely different things that need to be distinguished. Some users spend their lives in the gym, weight out food and planning their routines down to the second to be able to gain an adequate amount of size or muscle. For these users that is great! But some users do not want to train within the same way, as some people cannot dedicate their whole time within their whole lives to be able to achieve the same goals.

This is why most people take the “each to their own” approach. Some gym users use steroids to be able to climb to high heights within their chosen sports, while others user steroid in smaller doses to allow for them to reach their desired goals and sculpt their body into how they want it to look. For more information regarding the use of steroids within the gym, you can visit our online store for further help and information regarding this topic.


No. 6. Weight is everything

Of course, many beginners confidently think that weight is everything. In part, this is true, because for full muscle growth, a constant progressive weight is needed, but at the level of this, the technique should not suffer, which is the no.1 mistake by many! However, quite often the technique does not just suffer, but it does not exist at all. Beginners in all possible ways, whether it be true or not, try to squeeze the barbell in order to show that they have big muscles, when in fact, they should be more concentrating on the lift’s technique at all times.

Conclusion. Weight, of course plays a big part, but without the right technique of lifting the relevant weight, there can be no results.

No. 7. I’m on my own and I don’t need anyone at all

Newcomers are quite shy people, so they often shy away from other people in the room. Of course, it is not necessary to communicate with everyone at all, however, it is always important not to be shy about using the safety support of the other partner, as this is very important. There are times when you expect to do another rep, but your muscles can’t and the bar is already starting to press you down, what should I do? That’s right, there is nothing that you can do at this point. It is in these such cases that others are needed to help make the last repetition and safely return the bar to its original position.

Conclusion. Be sure to find a person in the gym who will help and “spot” you where needed. To do this, you do not need to do any special actions, just go ahead and ask, “Can you assist me please?”. Although people might look scary within the gym, most are in for the same reason and will be more than willing to help you.

No. 8. Two incompatible concepts – training and intimacy with a girlfriend

Some people think that the male sex hormone is limited to some extent, so the more we save it, the more we can train and push iron during training. This is the completely wrong opinion. The body is a fairly balanced and is an incredibly intelligent system. If something suddenly decreases somewhere, it will immediately begin the regeneration process (such as for needed testosterone). In addition, there are basic exercises including, squats with a barbell and deadlifts, which in good quantities can increase the neuroendocrine response of your body. At such moments, a lot of anabolic hormones are thrown out by the blood, among which growth hormone and testosterone should be noted. From this point, it follows that the sexual activity of each of you can only increase, which means the other half will perfectly notice it.

Conclusion. Don’t limit yourself to save testosterone for your gym workout. Feel free to make “love” as your testosterone will regenerate. For those who have low levels of testosterone, this may slightly differ. For some gym users their testosterone production may be slightly hindered and this can be from genetics or other factors. Luckily for those who suffer with this issue, you can safely use synthetic testosterone to eliminate this problem. You can find many variations of synthetic testosterone including tablets and other administration methods without our store. We are also happy to advice you on the dosages, durations and the use of such products to ensure your health is not put at risk and these amazing agents are used safely.


No. 9. You need to eat little to lose weight faster

An unrealistically common superstition among individuals whose goal is aimed at losing weight, is that if you eat less, then you can lose weight much faster. This is not at all a correct judgment. If you refer to such thinking, you can very quickly drop the ball, and not lose weight at all. There is one known fact, that if the body lacks nutrients, it will slow down absolutely all metabolic processes and begin to store fat as an emergency procedure. For proper weight loss, you need to complete only three of the points below:

– Exercise in the gym or fitness club;

– Drink plenty of water;

– Eat more fiber and vegetables.

Thanks to these simple rules, you can pretty much trick your own body into losing weight. As it seems that food is coming in, but there is nothing to put aside for the fat storage.

Conclusion. Eating less, this will not allow you to lose weight faster, pay attention to proper nutrition. For those individuals who cannot lose the weight while eating clean and properly, this issue may be one that needs some help from other supplement agents in order to change the way your body deals with the food. For instance, with the use of T3, this agent tells the body to speed up the metabolism no matter what state or situation it is in. This can be life changing for those users who cannot shake of that extra weight and are in need of some more cellular based hormone changes in order for their bodies to stop storing the unneeded fat deposits. You can find T3 and other similar products within our store.


No. 10. After a month of training, Schwarzenegger will “smoke nervously on the sidelines”

Also, among the common diagnoses, it is worth noting the so-called beginner perfectionism. It is very commendable to want everything at once. In life, the stories shown in the film rarely occur. Bodybuilding is exclusively for strong people, but not only in body, but also in mind-set and spirit. You can’t wake up as Schwarzenegger by the next morning and the results won’t come by themselves. The real key to success, is from hard work, dedication and patience.

Conclusion. The whole process of your training will be noticeable when you exercise regularly and your consistency with a clean diet and a good regular training routine is there. For some users, adopting this method is painful. This is why many people turn to the use of supplementation within their workouts. Have you ever wondered how some people achieve great weight loss or muscle gain within a short space of time? This is not down to just hard work and dedication, it is down to the unspoken supplementation that they are using along with their diets and workouts!

If this rapid change within the physical and psychological parameters is something that you need within your life, e.g. if you are fed up of training consistently and eating the right foods but your genetics will not let you grow or lose weight in the way which other can. There are supplements such as Winstrol or Dianabol which are tablets to enhance either mass muscle gains or for weight loss and muscle definition. We stock and provide both oral supplements within our store.