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Manufacturer: Eli Lilly and Company
Substance: HGH
Package: 1 pen of 36IU

5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
3 reviews


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Manufacturer – Eli Lilly and Company

Release form – 1 pen 36IU

Active agent – Somatropin

Intense load and exercising at the gym exhausts the human body. This can lead to injuries or burnouts and weakens the immune system. Often this causes problems with gaining the muscle bulk or, vice versa, with fat burning. Humatrope is recommended for recovering the self-condition, building a dry, fit, and defined body so gaining the required muscle growth become much more efficient.

This drug is a synthesized growth hormone that has been applied in pharmacology for more than 30 years. It allows a sportsman to recover his or her shape and achieve great results in gaining the muscle bulk or cut that is required.

Fact: this drug is prepared by rather complicated gene manipulations when the genes are added to the peptide structure. In this case one can achieve positive results, not only within the workouts, but also for health benefits also.

The main Humatrope effects and properties

An athlete can receive the following benefits after completing a full-fledged cycle:

  1. Gaining a good muscle bulk and with minimal fluid build-up within the body.
  2. Significant slowdown of the catabolic processes.
  3. The fat-burning process is strongly stimulated and promoted.
  4. The recovery processes become quicker in the whole body. This can include wound healing and recovery times after injuries.
  5. Strengthening the immune system and the bones.
  6. The endurance is strongly improved.
  7. The sex drive is increased.
  8. Improves the body condition as a whole, rises spirits, improves the sight and memory.
  9. Rejuvenating effects can be seen within the athlete’s body and mind-set.

The main peculiarity is that it has minimum side effects compared to most other anabolic drugs. The first positive results are noticeable less then after a month its administration.

If you buy the growth hormone at a US anabolic store, you can be absolutely sure that it is an original drug that will be efficient to the utmost experience or beginner bodybuilders.  It should be mentioned that nowadays there are a lot of fakes at a low prices, however, here the customer gets a certified product with can be verified.

Please note: One click of the Eli Lilly pen equates to 1IU of HGH, so 2 clicks will be 2IU and 5 clicks will be 5IU of HGH and so on.

Side effects

For one, side effects hardly occur, especially in case of taking the original drug. Negative feedback is received mostly for non-original Humatrope that can be bad for your health.  In this case of using the non-original drug can cause swelling or small inflammations that occur at the site of injection. Even with the original version overdosing can lead to hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, decreased cortisol production, and also thyroid insufficiencies.

Some people mention such drawbacks as the high cost. But this sounds doubtful as the drug has a lot of advantages, provides reliable results and its efficiency is proven over time. Paying the higher price for the original substance far outweighs paying the smaller price for the harmful non-original versions.

Important! Before buying a synthetic alternative of the growth hormone, please pass a full-fledged medical check-up and receive an expert’s opinion. In such cases, the best dosage can be fit and contraindications can be defined, as if a user had any underlying heart conditions or mutated cells, then the use of growth hormone will only accelerate these processes.

Rules of administration

The drug is produced in form of vials and is injectable with an insulin syringe. For avoiding side effects and achieving the best results from the administration, please follow some rules and recommendations:

  1. The drug should be dissolved with special water and administered into the subcutaneous belly fat.
  2. The daily dose shall be divided into a few doses. The recommended dose is not more than 2.5UI units twice a day (morning and evening).
  3. In case of treating an injury, or using this as an anti-ageing or health protective therapy, this substance should be taken at 1-4IU units every day.
  4. In case of ligament strengthening or injury prevention, 4-6IU units should be administered daily.
  5. For gaining the muscle bulk, fat burning and treating minor injuries 4-8IU units per day is recommended.
  6. If we are speaking about professional sportsmen or bodybuilders, the dosage shall can be increased to 8-12IU units or even to 12-24IU units per day, but this is done with cation and under medical supervision with regular blood tests.

The average cycle is 2-3 months, but for bodybuilders who need this agent to help and bridge their cycles, 6 month courses are mostly used.

Counter indications: Humatrope is counter-indicative in case of thyroid insufficiency, brain tumors, during pregnancy, in case of monosaccharide intolerances, lipodystrophy or dystrophy.

Feedback on Humatrope

Numerous feedback on this drug on the Internet is positive. It is often used not only by amateurs or beginners, but also by professional athletes notwithstanding the sports discipline. This can include both body-building, track and field sportsmen. But experienced sportsmen recommend beginners who want to buy these substances to pass a check-up and then start the cycle and follow all prescriptions that are recommended by the experts.

If you administer this drug, you can be sure that all changes will be significant and you will improve your body and mind-set in a good timely manner.

3 reviews for Humatrope

  • 5 out of 5

    Ordered more of this Pfizer Gh last month and was waiting just over two weeks, turns out that the postal centre had it. I was worried about it dieing although it was fairly cold in the centre but had my bloods done two weeks in and Gh levels are sky high. Very happy with the purity of this product. Shows this is legit and an original verison form the steroids click site.

  • 5 out of 5

    Great experience here. The Pfizer pens I had three months back have been amazing to use. They kept my body looking sharp and healthy even when I would sway away from my good diet or have a few extra days off. Propper good stuff, I love GH, if you can afford to run it, you would be silly not to.

  • 5 out of 5

    Recieved 3 of the hgh 36ui pens and have happy to report there is no damage at all and these look great! A big thankyou to for the help in ordering and also for the free orals! Tested the solution post transit and it came back spot on for the 191aa hgh, my igf-1 was well up. So I am very happy with this product from eli lilly!

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