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    Manufacturer: Healing Pharma
    Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate
    Package: 40mg (30 capsules)


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    Manufacturer – Healing Pharma

    Release form – 30 capsules, 40 mg

    Active ingredient – Testosterone Undecanoate

    Testosterone is a hormone that helps to maintain male sexual function and is responsible for the formation of signs of masculinity. The hormone contained in the drug has increased anabolic properties and it allows you to achieve a rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. As part of the drug, testosterone is in a special form that prevents its destruction in liver cells and improves absorption.

    Results of use

    Positive functions of the use of Testosterone Undecanoate include:

    • Accelerates the growth of muscle mass
    • Contributes to the formation of a harmonious body
    • Improves the exchange of phosphorus and nitrogen
    • Ensures effective spermatogenesis and sexual behavior
    • Regulates the formation of secondary male sexual characteristics
    • Improves cellular respiration by stimulating hematopoiesis, which serves as the basis for good endurance;
    • Improves mood;
    • Serves as a powerful motivational factor.

    Instructions for use

    Anabolic Testosterone Undecanoate by Healing Pharma is available in capsule form for oral use. The daily dose of the supplement for medical use ranges from 120 to 160mg over a course of 3 weeks. For a pronounced effect, the dose can be increased to 240mg per day.

    For performance and physique enhancement, the dosage of Testosterone Undecanoate clearly must be much higher. A minimum of 240mg per day is required (6 capsules) to see any substantial results. Testosterone Undecanoate is commonly used at a dosage of 400 – 500mg (10 – 13 capsules) per day. Advanced or experienced users may require even higher dosages than that.

    Side Effects

    Exceeding the indicated dosage of Testosterone Undecanoate in tablets can lead to the development of side reactions such as sleep disorders, nausea and pain in the extremities.

     Reviews about Testosterone Undecanoate

    In the reviews, users note the convenience of using the drug and the ease of controlling the indicated dose. It is quite variable, and when taken correctly, it is absolutely harmless. The price of Testosterone Undecanoate will also delight any customer.


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