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Stan-Max for sale in USA

Stan-Max (tablets)


Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma
Substance: Winstrol
Package: 10mg (100 pills)

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Stan-Max (Oral)

Manufacturer – Maxtreme Pharma

Release form – 100 tablets, 10 mg

Active ingredient – Stanozolol (Winstrol)

Stan-Max is an oral version of the common and popular Stanozolol. The manufacturer of the anabolic drug is the well-known company Maxtreme Pharma, whose products are in demand on the modern market and are especially popular. It should be noted that this drug is very effective and efficient and serves to build muscle mass and improve strength.

The principle and action of the drug, what is it?

Initially, the drug was actively used in veterinary medicine, but over time, with some changes, Stan-Max found its application in sports medicine. In addition to sports purposes, the agent is used for therapeutic therapy for edema, anemia, or to normalize the blood composition.

Well, in addition, this substance is used by numerous bodybuilders, because it helps to increase the volume of muscle mass in a short space of time. The active ingredient Stanozolol contains a large number of different drugs created in various applications, but its efficiency in them may well differ, which ultimately plays a big role in the effectiveness of the application.

It is extremely common in the field of sports and its most efficient type is used via tablets. It is worth noting that Stan-Max reduces the globulin content by almost 2 times, while increasing the absorption of steroid drugs that are used together. Most often, the drug is used during the drying of the athlete, as it perfectly eliminates excess water from the body.

Recently, it has been quite difficult to purchase this steroid in retail, and there is always a risk of running into a low-quality product. But you can solve this problem by purchasing the drug online. This is why it is worth working with us here, as we have a complete selection of pharmaceutical products with fair prices on our website.

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Effects and benefits when used

Of course, Stan-Max is an anabolic substance with a heavy impact, and that is why it is capable of changing the body as a whole in many ways. The main advantages of the application are:

  1. Increase in muscle mass;
  2. Getting rid of excess water from the body;
  3. Getting rid of subcutaneous fat, by enhancing the burning properties;
  4. Creation of a defined and dry looking physique;
  5. Elasticity of muscle fibers is increased;
  6. Elasticity of muscle fibers is increased;
  7. The recovery process is much faster after heavy workouts;
  8. Improves power and strength indictors;
  9. Increased endurance and appetite.

Application and dosage

For a bodybuilder, the optimal daily dosage is considered to be 50mg, but you should take into account the goals of the athlete and also the training level of the athlete, as well as the tolerance levels which work on an individual basis. So in some cases, it is advisable to increase the dose to 100mg and apply this method once every day. This is the best option for an athlete, otherwise the portion of the substance in the bloodstream will simply not be enough, and if you exceed it, there may be side effects from the use of this substance.

But it should be said that Stan-Max is rarely used alone. This is due to the fact that it is compatible with a number of other anabolic drugs and active substances. And it is with this combination that the results of the athlete can increase in many different ways. Of course, the task assigned to the athlete plays an important role also and based on this, it is necessary to select additional drugs to use alongside. In order to increase the volume of muscle mass, it is better to use potent androgenic steroid drugs, for example, it can be both testosterone and anapolone. Stan-Max performs a more estrogenic effect of steroid substances and will allow for a measured course. If the main task is to lose excess weight, then the optimal combination would be Trenbolone, which is immune to aromatization, even when used with the base of any cycle, Testosterone.

Side effects from Stanozolol’s use

The main advantage is the lack of estrogenic influences. However, in the case of an increase in the recommended dosage, you can face negative consequences, and most often this is manifested as follows:

  1. There is not enough fluid in the ligaments and joints of the athlete for normal functioning, and this increases the risk of injuries in these vital areas;
  2. Hypertension, increased blood pressure;
  3. Much lower natural testosterone production within the body;
  4. Baldness and hair loss;
  5. Acne on the face, back and other areas of the body;
  6. Pathology of the cardiovascular system;

And it is important to understand these in case of the negative consequences and if any of these occur, it is worth undergoing rehabilitation in order to restore the body’s natural functions.


Numerous athletes note that Stan-Max demonstrates excellent performance, while observing the dosage closely, there are no negative consequences. And the peculiarity is the fact that the cost is quite democratic, and the scope of what the drug can do is extensive. But if we are talking about an athlete who has some joint problems already, then it is best to pay attention to other drugs and keep away from Stanozolol.

1 review for Stan-Max (tablets)

  • 5 out of 5

    Love the Stan-Max from maxtreme pahrma. Used these along side some of their Clen-Max for a 6 week blast and had great results. The Winstrol and Clenbuterol works great in tandom and really adds the finishing polished look to the muscles. Im faily low BF % anyways so I rip up quickly, but even running 30 winnie per day and 80mcg of the clen works wonders. Great products overall and work very well. Thanks to Steroids.Click for hooking me up!

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