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    Manufacturer: Maxtreme Pharma
    Substance: HGH
    Package: 10IU vial (10 vials)

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    Soma Max 10 (Growth hormone or HGH) is a peptide hormone whose function is to regulate bone growth. In addition, he is involved in carbohydrate metabolism, lipolysis, the synthesis of skeletal muscle and red blood cells, as well as in other anabolic processes. And, unfortunately, with age it is produced less and less. An average of 14% less in a decade. And this negatively affects the state of health. This is why growth hormone replacement hormone replacement therapy is gaining popularity. Moreover, growth hormone is usually used together with androgenic anabolic steroids. As in the case of substitution therapy, and in the case of doping.

    The difference in taking both growth hormone and androgenic anabolic steroids is in dosages. Athletes take drugs in much more substantial doses. And increased dosages are accompanied by an increased risk of side effects. Which have both steroids and growth hormone. Nevertheless, if we talk about therapeutic use, then it is justified. Because the benefits of hormone replacement therapy are higher than the risk that a person taking exogenous hormones exposes themselves to. Although they should be taken only under the supervision of an endocrinologist.

    Soma Max 10 effects

    The action of hormones affects a person’s growth, which is why they have such a name. In addition to stimulating muscles, there is also a positive effect on a number of other areas of the body:

    1. improves the lipid composition of the blood;
    2. normalizes metabolic processes; increased sexual activity;
    3. catabolic processes in the muscles are inhibited;
    4. joints and ligamentous apparatus are strengthened;
    5. the process of burning fat is enhanced; accelerates the growth of young people (up to 25 years);
    6. increases the stock of glycogen depot in the liver;
    7. increases the tone of the skin; quickly heals body wounds and regenerates new tissues;
    8. increases the size and number of liver cells, genital and thymus glands.

    Soma Max 10 and Bodybuilding

    Soma Max 10 in bodybuilding, of course, is taken at much higher dosages. They range between 10 and 40 IU / day. Although it should be noted that the secretion of growth hormone is positively affected by the amino acids leucine, lysine and arginine. Therefore, if you have not yet stepped on the “dark side”, then you can try to take these amino acids. Although taking them, of course, will have to be in large numbers. Well, if you stepped on the dark side, then keep in mind that growth hormone affects the synthesis of skeletal muscles only when used together with steroids. And also do not forget that steroids and somatotropin have side effects.

    Soma-Max-10 Efficiency

    Today, discussions are still ongoing on the real benefits of growth hormone for improving physical fitness and improving performance, and is it really worth using for those who want to improve their physical characteristics and athletic performance.

    The use of growth hormone alone (without an anabolic steroid) leads, as a rule, only to a noticeable loss of fat, and to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, it is necessary to use a combination of HGH with an anabolic steroid, or use growth hormone for a long time (at least for 6 months).

    As a result, HGH today is used, first of all, because of its significant effect on the reduction of body fat, which appears almost immediately after the first use. Anabolic effects on muscle tissue, as noted earlier, are manifested with prolonged use of the drug, lasting at least 6 months (due to the slow and constant increase in the content of HGH and IGF-1 in the body). Thus, human growth hormone should be considered a noticeably weaker means in terms of improving performance and improving physical fitness compared to anabolic steroids. Therefore, when applying it, a special approach should be used to achieve an increase in muscle mass and strength. In fact, this drug should only be used by experienced athletes and bodybuilders, and it is considered a useless anabolic drug for beginners.

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