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    Primo Tabs


    Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
    Substance: Primobolan
    Package: 25mg (50 pills)

    5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
    3 reviews
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    3 reviews for Primo Tabs

    • 5 out of 5

      Running these Primobolan Tabs from Alpha are great when cycling as you can reduce the pinning frequency by replacing the injectable with these orals, as the benefits are still as pronounced and they work great. So glad I replaced pinning the primo with these orals! These tabs look very professionally made too.

    • 5 out of 5

      Used these along side some clens while I was running a cycle bridge and it spiced things up nicely! Wanted to keep the boys alive while gaining some better definiton and strength. Using 50mg of the primo along with 40mcg of the clenbuterol. This combination is pure magic, as I have lost nearly 2kg in a week while also gaining a nice amount of strength! The primo tabs are not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Never realised this could work so well. Loving these products from alpha pharma right now!

    • 5 out of 5

      I’m a female and I’ve been into bodybuilding for a long time now. I’ve been using Primo Tabs along with my stack and this is the best oral I have ever used. Gave me some great size, pumps and definiton! Will defiinitely order more!

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