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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Anadrol
Package: 50mg (50 pills)

5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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Manufacturer – Alpha Pharma

Release form – 50 tablets, 50 mg

Active ingredient – Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

The steroid Oxydrolone from pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma is one of the drugs that can help you quickly gain muscle mass and improve the results of your workouts. It is often used when an athlete’s genetic limit has been reached. During such periods, athletes often lose motivation to continue working on themselves.

Alpha Pharma is an Indian company. However, it is not worth drawing conclusions on the origin of the drug. The manufacturer is highly respected. Its products are popular with both beginners and professionals.

Features of the drug and methods of exposure

The main active ingredient is Oxymetholone. Anabolically, it is more than 3 times stronger than testosterone. Androgenic – almost half. Here are the effects of Oxydrolone:

  • Serious gains in muscle mass. The water content is no more than ⅓. In one course, you can gain up to 15kg of muscle;
  • Increase in strength and endurance during training, which will allow the use of intensive programs and improve the result;
  • Decrease in globulin level;
  • No joint pain while on cycle;
  • Fast recovery after heavy exercises.

Achieve the best effects when combining drugs considering the instructions for the use of Oxydrolone are followed. During the course, you need to monitor the state of the body. Stick to a good diet and exercise program.

Application methods

There are several rules that must be followed when taking the drug:

  • Consult your doctor before starting the course. Check the state of your health, and eliminate the likelihood of a negative reaction of the body;
  • Do not exceed the duration of the course. The optimal duration is 30-45 days;
  • Reception should be started with a small dose in order to track the body’s reaction and correctly select the dosage;
  • The daily dose of the drug should be no more than 100mg. Beginners should take no more than 50mg. For courses over 100mg / day, a professional should be consulted;
  • During the entire course, it is necessary to control estradiol levels;
  • For combination, you can use Testosterone, Primobolan and Boldenone. Combinations with 17-alpha-alkylated steroids are not permitted. This will put more strain on the liver;
  • After completing the reception of Oxydrolone, it is required to carry out PCT, using boosters. This is necessary to optimize natural testosterone production.

In general, it is not recommended for beginners to use Oxydrolone. It has an overly aggressive effect. Better to try milder steroids. You can buy them in our store.

Possible side effects

If the dosage is violated, and even more so when the dose is exceeded over 100mg / day, the following side effects may be observed:

  • Gynecomastia;
  • High pressure;
  • Large accumulation of liquid;
  • Violation of the natural production of testosterone.

When using a drug based on Oxymetholone, aromatase inhibitors and estradiol control agents should be introduced into the course.

Reviews about Oxydrolone

This steroid is considered to be one of the strongest for quick muscle hypertrophy. It is often used by bodybuilders. Most often Oxydrolone is used to gain muscle mass before more specialized preparations are used. In some cases, it is used to obtain a quick effect in 2-3 weeks.

To buy Oxydrolone, place an order for it in our online store. Achieve fast results in the shortest possible time!

1 review for Oxydrolone

  • 5 out of 5

    Not much too say but possitive words for this supplier. Dont often use orals but decided to try some of the Oxydrolone from Alpha Pharma. These Anadrols worked great. Didnt even know Alpha pharma done orals to be honest, but after a 6 weeks smash I can tell they aint bad at making some decent Oxys! 50 a day was enough and I didnt increase due to feeling like I was already concuming too much. Would highly rate these tabs and also steroids click for getting these good quility products through customs. Awesome job boys.

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