What is Rexobol 50 Tablets and Why do I Need Them?

Rexobol 50 tablets is one of the most popular sports nutrition among adherents of power sports. However, opinions about this supplement can be heard quite the opposite — from “you will not drink — the muscles will not grow” to “it’s chemistry — there will be health problems.” Neither, fortunately, has any grounds. We offer you to understand — what is Rexobol 50 tablets, what they are, what role and function perform, as well as many other useful information about them.

What are Rexobol 50 Tablets for?

Rexobol 50 tablets (proteins) are biological macromolecules, which together with lipids (fats), carbohydrates (sugars) and nucleic acids are necessary for normal metabolism, maintenance and muscle building. Rexobol 50 tablets sports nutrition compounds are normally absorbed and allow you to quickly increase the load and gain muscle mass.

To find out what Rexobol 50 tablets are for, remember that human muscles are about 20% composed of protein compounds that are involved in biochemical reactions and the reproduction of DNA and RNA molecules.

Functional purpose Rexobol 50 tablets compounds allows athletes ‘ bodies to handle such processes:

  • produce new cells, build muscle and connective tissue to actively move;
  • transmit nerve impulses to coordinate actions;
  • in a timely manner to haemoglobin, the oxygen and nutrients for muscle development;
  • regulate the state of cell membranes and all metabolic processes to withstand increased loads;
  • activate antibodies that protect the body from bacteria, viruses, infections during seasonal diseases or in stressful situations.

When doing sports admission Rexobol 50 tablets is an absolute necessity, since proteins are constantly spent on the formation of muscle tissue, support of the articular-ligamentous apparatus and the preservation of mobility.

Composition and Useful Properties of Rexobol 50 Tablets

Responding, what is Rexobol 50 tablets, we can say it is a high-molecular organic substances, consisting of amino acids, connected by peptide bond. All protein compounds produced by the body are derived from basic amino acids. Rexobol 50 tablets contains 22 amino acids, 10 of which are essential.

The lack of any elements leads to an imbalance in the digestive, immune, endocrine and other vital systems of the body. Prolonged lack of amino acids starts muscle atrophy, reduced physical endurance.

There are such types Rexobol 50 tablets:

  • fast (whey, milk, egg) – absorbed in a short period of time, releasing a large amount of nutrients; this includes egg and whey Rexobol 50 tablets, they are recommended to use in the morning and between workouts at least 5-6 times a day;
  • slow (casein, soy) – most often use casein Rexobol 50 tablets before bedtime, in the long breaks between eating to maintain the achieved training effect, as well as to replace the usual diet.

The body’s need for Rexobol 50 tablets is directly related to its physical form and active activities. The more a person moves or exerts strenuous efforts, the faster all biochemical reactions occur in the body. During intensive training, Rexobol 50 tablets of mixtures are needed twice than in the normal mode of training.

To determine the daily amount on average, it is recommended to take at the rate of 2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight, it is about 180-200 g for men, 100-120 g for women. Experts say that half of the protein norm can be replaced by Rexobol 50 tablets and mixtures.

Rexobol 50 tablets the mixture must be stirred in water, in juice or added to dairy products. At one time you can eat 40-50 grams of Rexobol tablets 50 without concern for health. 3-4 servings are required per day depending on weight and training loads. Rexobol 50 tablets blends serve as a supplement or completely replace one meal to reduce appetite. Useful for those who are trying to lose weight, reduce the amount of body fat, and those who are building muscle mass.

Set of Muscle Mass

With an increase in muscle mass, part of the protein consumed is less than carbohydrates, because an increased supply of energy is needed. It is necessary to train 3 times a week with a high load, eat 5 times a day high-calorie protein products and eat “slow” Stanozolol Rexobol 50 tablets. To maintain muscle tone, you need to train 2 times a week, eat 3-4 times with a normal ratio of CFP.

Weight Loss

With weight loss, the amount of carbohydrates is limited, so the body is forced to spend fat reserves. The absorption Rexobol 50 tablets in large amounts requires significant energy consumption, which kompensiruet in the expenditure of fat. Thus, the body receives the necessary nutrition and strength for training.

When losing weight, you should train 3 times a week with an average load, eat 5 times a day, eating protein low-calorie products and “fast” Rexobol 50 tablets. Simultaneous weight loss and increased muscle mass is impossible, you must first “drive fat”, lose weight, and then build muscle.

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Possible Side Effects

There is a perception that excessive use of Rexobol 50 tablets leads to impaired liver and kidney function due to the release of decay products. There is an accumulation of uric acid, which is the cause for the onset of urolithiasis and gout.

As a matter of fact, there is no reliable evidence that excessive use of Winstrol provokes specific diseases, most likely, we are talking about excessive dosage and quality of the products used. Therefore, only proven, certified sports supplements should be used.

Carefully choose the mixture if you have lactose intolerance (due to lack of lactase enzyme). The modern range offers lactose-free milk and whey mixtures or choose other types (egg).

Rexobol 50 tablets, like any products, can cause an allergic reaction to protein or additional components. To reduce the cost of production and improve consumer quality in Rexobol 50 tablets mixture added components that in excessive amounts violate the state of the body:

  • taurine – amino acid, in excess causes the cardiovascular system to work in a tense mode, disrupts nervous activity;
  • thickeners (carrageenan, xanthan gum) – create optimal consistency Rexobol 50 tablets cocktails, but with constant use can provoke ulcerative diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • synthetic sugars (dextrose, maltodextrin) – help to recover faster after exercise, but it increases the likelihood of obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders;
  • synthetic sweeteners (aspartame, cyclamate, aspartic acid) – not quite absorbed by the body and are contraindicated in renal failure, vascular diseases.

In addition, you may experience indigestion, which usually goes away in 2-3 days. In case of long-term problems, you should cancel the use of mixtures and consult a doctor.

Types of Rexobol 50 Tablets

Ready-made Rexobol 50 tablets is a great option for those involved in sports and training, because they contain pure, well-digestible protein, sometimes in combination with vitamins and minerals.

By Way Of Preparation

Varieties of Rexobol 50 tablets according to the method of preparation:

  1. Isolate – protein after special treatment, from which almost all fats and carbohydrates were removed. The most popular product because it contains an increased amount of Rexobol 50 tablets – up to 90%. Usually used in the morning after waking up, 2 hours before training, immediately after training or instead of a snack.
  2. Hydrolysate – these mixtures are obtained by hydrolysis, in which proteins are broken down into amino acids (peptides). The process of hydrolysis corresponds to the process of digestion, so that the hydrolyzate Rexobol 50 tablets this product is immediately ready for absorption.
  3. Concentrate – is composed of a smaller amount of protein, about 70-80%, so cheaper than other additives. Before training, it is pointless to use it, it is better to do it between meals. Helps when limited ability to timely, nutritious food, can replace lunch or dinner.

By Source Of Protein

The names of Rexobol 50 tablets for the products from which they are obtained:

  1. Dairy mixes – consist of two proteins (casein and whey), for users who easily absorb lactose, a mass product, sometimes of dubious quality.
  2. Serum – quickly split, made from whey, contain minerals necessary to maintain hormonal balance and the immune system. The traditional choice for those who are actively working on muscle mass.
  3. Casein – with slow long-acting proteins, which gradually saturate the body throughout the day, so it is recommended to take before bedtime or during long breaks in the diet (more than 4 hours). During the increase in muscle casein is used at night, and during weight loss and “drying” can be taken during the day to reduce appetite.
  4. Soy is an affordable option, popular with beginners. It is noted that it is absorbed quite slowly. Fitoestrogeny in its composition inhibit the proper growth of muscle tissue. It is added to other mixtures to reduce the cost of production, so read the composition carefully.
  5. Egg – more difficult to digest, but contains a full set of amino acids, it is recommended during intensive training. It dominates the sports nutrition market because it contains amino acids that break down fat deposits. If you specify specific figures, then to obtain the daily rate of protein you need to eat 10 eggs. In monetary terms, it is cheaper, but it is necessary to separate the yolks from the proteins, and the result is slower because of the gradual assimilation in the stomach.
  6. Multicomponent mixtures are a complex product, it is recommended, among other things, for professional training. Especially in such cases when it is necessary to drive away fats and to allocate a muscular relief are demanded. In the more expensive segment is accompanied by detailed instructions with the formula composition and rules of use.

Produce Rexobol 50 tablets mixture of peas, hemp and other plant materials, they only 50-60% protein, but contains fatty acids, minerals and other useful components. They help regulate carbohydrate metabolism, have a positive effect on the microflora and intestinal peristalsis.

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Alternative To Rexobol 50 Tablets

Instead of Rexobol 50 tablets can be used carbohydrate-protein Oxandrolone (Anavar), which added vitamins, minerals, creatine (amino acid, which accumulates energy in muscle and nerve cells, increases endurance). Anavar is used for about 60-90 minutes before strength training, then the energy reserve is enough for a few hours.

According to experts, it is better to take more expensive mixtures (whey, casein, egg) proven manufacturers, even in a smaller volume than to use a lot of low-quality cheap mixtures. Rexobol 50 tablets in the form of hydrolysate is the most expensive option, but their efficiency is only 10-15% higher, so you can not overpay and take isolate.

Pay attention! Note that the most popular mixture – American or European production, more affordable – Asian and domestic.

Recognized leaders: BSN, MHP, VPX, Dymatize, Binasport, Weider, Syntrax, MuscleTech, Gaspari Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition.

Determination of the training load, diet regimen or the choice of Rexobol 50 tablets is better carried out with the participation of a coach who is able to objectively assess the physiological parameters of a person and sports prospects. The most effective methods of nutrition and training are identified only by experience and require constant monitoring.

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