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    HUCOG 10000 IU


    Manufacturer: Bharat Serums
    Substance: HCG
    Package: 1 vial of 10 000IU

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    HUCOG 10000 IU

    Manufacturer – Bharat Serums

    Release Form – 1 vial, 10000 IU

    Active agent – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

    Constant intake of steroids improves the exercise performance, but can cause such severe side effects as testicular atrophy. To avoid this condition, without stopping the use of steroids, you can buy HUCOG 10000 IU in our online US store. This powerful drug has a preventive effect and reduces the risk of side effects.

    HCG effect and properties

    Gonadotropin intake allows the athlete:

    1. To prevent and maximally reduce the risk of testicular atrophy.
    2. To increase testosterone production.
    3. To avoid losing muscle size during drying and a low-calorie diet.

    It is strongly prohibited to use the drug individually as an anabolic. This is not only useless, but can also cause severe side effects and adverse reactions.

    Important note: in case of a cycle of steroids less than 5-6 weeks there is no need to administer this drug. A standard post-cycle therapy is enough.

    Side effects may occur

    They include acne and increased skin oiliness. Hair side effects include loss or increased growth. Also gynecomastia and prostate gland increase may occur. In case of administering a low dosage, or minor violations of the rules of administration by women, male sex characteristics may be exhibited (masculinization).

    Important note: In view of the above, this drug is recommended for men over 21 without any contraindications only. Check with your doctor before use.

    Rules of administration

    • Before administration, the dose should be dissolved with the injectable solution supplied.
    • The drug should be injected intramuscularly twice every week.
    • During an AAS cycle, the best dosage is 250–500 I.U. per week and, if used after the cycle, up to 2000 I.U. should be enough.
    • Also, a constant cycle can be applied. It is recommended, for professional athletes that take steroids on a regular basis, for HCG to be administered during the first 5 weeks of a steroid cycle and then a 1- or 2-week break should be taken.

    HUCOG 10000 IU should be administered during the cycle or as post cycle therapy after completing it. In the second case the injections should be done 3 weeks at a stretch each alternate day.

    Important note: We offer not only gonadotropin, but other preventive drugs (such as aromatase inhibitors and anti-estrogens).

    Feedback about the drug

    Gonadotropin by Bharat Serums is very popular among professionals – powerlifters, body-builders, “strongmen”, track and field athletes, and weightlifters. This is due to the reduction of the risk of adverse effects of steroids, in particular, testicular atrophy.

    Join those who do not only wish to improve their sporting performance, but also take care of their health – buy Gonadotropin before using steroids.


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