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Altamofen 10


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Nolvadex
Package: 10mg (50 pills)

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Altamofen 10

Manufacturer – Alpha Pharma

Release form – 50 tablets, 10 mg

Active substance – Tamoxifen

The most popular drug for post-course therapy to this day, is the famous Altamofen 10 (Tamoxifen) from the well-known pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. At the moment, this is one of the most affordable and at the same time effective anti-estrogens SARM drugs on the market. According to the chemical structure, Altamofen 10 is a Triphenylethylene, i.e. a weak estrogen that inhibits the productivity of estrogen receptors. Tamoxifen in bodybuilding is used both for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) and for steroid courses based on anabolic drugs with a weak progestin effect and strong estrogenic effect.

Features of Altamofen 10:

  • Affordable price;
  • High biological activity (much higher than that of Clomid);
  • Acts as a powerful anti-estrogen, blocking the receptors;
  • Can suppress many side effects in the early stages, including gynecomastia;
  • A quick effect that is noticeable after one day of taking the drug;
  • Can be used during the course, as well as during the PCT;
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins).

What is Altamofen 10?

Tamoxifen (Altamofen 10) is an anti-estrogen like drug, that does not reduce the level of female hormones, but blocks their action by inhibiting the estrogen receptor uptake throughout the body. It is this fact that allows you to quickly and effectively deal with possible side effects that are associated with an increased level of the female hormone estrogen.

As you know, on any course of anabolic steroids, the level of your own testosterone decreases dramatically, but at the same time its total amount in the blood is high due to the consistent injections. The body sees this high level of testosterone as an emergency situation, as a result of which it increases the level of female hormones by converting them from testosterone to estrogen in order to equalize them, because the system always strives for the hormonal balance.

After the end of the course of steroids, testosterone rapidly falls down due to the cancellation of the drugs and the amount of estrogens still remains high. In order to avoid a collapse in muscle mass and other negative effects, you need to block the effect of increased levels of female hormones as soon as possible. It is here that Altamofen 10 comes into play.

This is a common scheme for almost all steroid courses. That is why it is strongly recommend that you buy Altamofen 10 for any course that involved steroids that aromatize. It can be useful both on the PCT and on the course itself, in a situation when female hormones exceed their normal limit and begin to inhibit the muscle mass growth. As a rule, this happens when the drugs are combined incorrectly or taken at the higher dosages or in longer lengths of duration.

How to take Altamofen 10

In most cases, 20-40mg will be enough for post-course therapy: one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. If 20mg of tamoxifen is enough for you, then use it at night, before going to bed. To prevent gynecomastia directly on the course, you can use similar dosages. Together with Proviron, 20mg of Tamoxifen should be more than enough to reduce any estrogenic symptoms. It is recommended that you buy Tamoxifen in advance, as during the course, at the first signs of a possible gynecomastia occurrence, you will need to immediately start taking this drug in order to eliminate a possible problem without having these negative consequences. The more that the gynecomastia develops (swelling of the breast tissue), the more chance there is that it will not go away with ease.

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) with Tamoxifen should not be longer than three-four weeks. If progestin drugs are used within the cycle such as Trenbolone or mainly Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate), Tamoxifen will become ineffective and should be substituted with Cabergoline (Caber), which is an anti-progestin drug. 

Side effects of Altamofen 10

Remember that Tamoxifen is a derivative of the female hormone. Its large amount can cause a number of unpleasant side effects, including, again, “gyno” or excessive water retention. Tamoxifen cannot replace all drugs for PCT, such as Proviron or gonadotropins, or in certain cases Clomid, which is used to elevate the female hormone when this is too low. The actual anti-estrogen drug is Arimidex and this is used in extreme cases of high estrogen levels, as this completely stopes the conversion of testosterone into estrogen within a cycle rather than just block the receptors from the estrogens uptake like Tamoxifen. But, if Arimidex or its analogue Anastrozole are used within a PCT, this can completely suppress the supply of estrogen and this can be just as bad as high levels of this hormone, as during you recover phase, you need slight estrogen levels to be able to promote the testosterone to rise again and also this helps to prevent muscle loss also.


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