How to build muscle?

How to increase muscle mass or simply build muscle? This question worries both beginners and experienced bodybuilders. This is the main task of bodybuilding, to build muscle in a short time and harmoniously model your own body. Consider the main points in building muscle mass and their practical of application. Valuable information will help you prioritize your workouts, and the knowledge will be an excellent foundation for your next gym workout.

Exercise is a great way to build muscle!

According to the basic laws of nature, the human body strives for peace and balance, scientifically speaking, to the state of homeostasis. This allows you to maximize the conservation of energy, which is the basis of all life. A healthy body means harmony between internal processes and external environmental influences.

What happens if this balance is disturbed? When the external environment influences the body, the latter receives great physical stress and tries to adapt to it to maintain that very harmony. And this is true for any organs and internal processes, including muscle tissue. This adaptation is the adaptation of the organism to the created external conditions.

During regular exercise, the peace of the internal environment is disturbed and muscle fibers begin to break down. To counter these regular breakdowns, muscles have to adapt. That is, in response to external stimuli, they begin to grow actively and thus, restoring harmony. Theoretically, if a person easily lifts a weight of 50kg and after active training he just as easily takes a weight of 100kg, then we can say that the muscles have become stronger and their volume has approximately doubled. However, you should not take this statement literally, because in fact there are large discrepancies with the theory. If you dream of building muscle quickly, then consistent adaptation to stress is necessary. A person in any sport can very quickly achieve high results if they quickly get used to the increasing demands. So what is the right way to build muscle? It is necessary to practice the kind of physical training that will promote the best muscle adaptation in the shortest possible time.

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Basic Principles of Muscle Growth Training

As mentioned, muscle cells begin to break down during exercise. And, the physical endurance of the body drops somewhat during the recovery period. Therefore, while you are resting and eating after exercise, it is actively working, healing damaged cells and trying to restore the balance. This process usually takes about a few days. Then muscles and forces come to their usual state. This is where the most unusual begins.

To withstand such stresses in the future, the body regenerates muscle tissue, but it does so with some margin. This process is usually called super-compensation, and its duration can approximately extend over several weeks. It is rather difficult to say more precisely about the timing of its onset and completion, as each organism has its framework. If the load is one-time, then for some time the muscles restore their original state. The body tries to expend energy only in exceptional cases.

In general, there are two fundamental principles in bodybuilding:

  • Super compensation;
  • Progressive loads.

Super compensation is certainly a good phenomenon, but it cannot last forever. And if the body does not regularly experience stress, then the body will regain its balance and calm down on this. Muscles, even having received some reserve, will one day return to their natural volume. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to constantly increase the load precisely during the super compensation period, not later and not earlier. Super compensation will help you feel more powerful and give you confidence that you can overcome even more.

However, it is important to understand two rules:

  1. You should go to work out at the moment when you feel a surge of energy.
  2. During training, you need to slightly increase the weight and load.

All further training should take place during the super compensation period. Then the progress in the growth of muscle tissue will be more noticeable.

Tip: To further this progress, many athletes use Superdrol (for males) and Anavar (for females), as these substances allow for greater progress within an athlete’s workout and promote strength gain and faster muscle recovery times without packing on great deals of muscle volume and size. These substances have become favored for athletes who wish to gain lean muscle and progress within their sport much faster.

Perfect time to exercise

Ideally, your next workout should start at the very peak of your strength. However, in reality, it is rather difficult to determine the moment of the onset of super compensation, therefore, one has to focus exclusively on personal feelings. You must have a good rest before training so that you have a strong desire and strength to pull or push the iron.

To build muscle, it is necessary to add weight plates weighing 2.5–5kg to the bar in each workout, increase the number of basic physical exercises and always try to complete all the approaches that have been planned. Adaptation takes about 2-3 weeks. The next weights can be added only after the new weight with a certain number of repetitions will be given to you easily and naturally. If training according to the proposed scheme is successful, then you have found your ideal regimen.

What is the difference between workouts that will occur later or before the onset of the moment of super compensation? There is only one answer – no changes for the better will simply happen. If the body is not at its peak, you will not be able to usefully realize the principle of progression. Without feeling the strength in yourself, you will train in the same regime with the usual weight. And since the body has already adapted to the conditions, then it will not receive stress aimed at muscle growth progression.

Particular attention should be paid to the training regimen. Too frequent training will deprive you of strength since the body will not have time to recover. At this rate, you can only achieve a negative result and the growth of muscle mass will stop. In a sports environment, this phenomenon is simply called overtraining.

At the same time, very rare workouts (no more than once every 2-3 weeks) will also not give the desired result. It’s not surprising that you will be marking time in one place because the training time falls on the decline of super compensation. That is, the body receives another load at the moment when it has already returned to its original state. This means that the implementation of the principle of progression is out of the question.

Such a detailed description will help to understand the very essence of the ongoing processes and therefore reveal the main secret of muscle tissue growth. Each subsequent workout should be carried out with a slight increase in load so that the muscles receive a little more stress. This approach will allow you to get visible results pretty quickly.

It has been noticed that the muscles of beginners grow more actively and faster with any strength program. For them, any load is new. The already described adaptation process takes place, which is characterized by the growth of muscle tissue. However, time passes and the body adapts to the next load. So with experienced athletes with a large mass, such noticeable progress is no longer observed. What to do in this case? For further muscle building, you should constantly increase the load in all available ways. This is achieved through various tricks and methods, or even adding in supplementation. This can be drop sets, supersets, more sets, increasing the total weight while reducing the number of reps, reducing the rest time between sets, etc. As for the latter option of supplementation, generally orals substances are used at first for beginners.

However, there is a way that works fine even in such cases. And it is called cycling loads. This principle has strong physical and scientific evidence. It consists of the alternation of increasing and decreasing loads. That is, at a certain moment it is necessary to remove or reduce a certain type of load. Not receiving stress, the muscles begin to return to their original state and therefore quite adequately respond to its increase. This is perceived by the body as new stress, which means that the muscles begin to grow. If the athlete cannot increase physical activity for any reason, it is necessary to weaken the muscles in a forced mode. That is, this training scheme implies a cyclic decrease and increase in loads. Simply put, you take a step back, then take two steps forward!

How maximum adaptation is achieved

You have probably already learned that the main priority of the training process is the constant adaptation of the body to new stresses. It’s time to learn about the main points that will help you reach your maximum level.

Maximum adaptation can only be achieved when working in a specific direction. That is, it is impossible to effectively pump muscles and run long distances at the same time. Of course, it will be possible to build muscle mass, but it will not be the size that you could achieve by concentrating solely on bodybuilding. And you will be able to overcome the longest marathon, but you will be the last of its participants. From this, we can conclude; the body can achieve maximum adaptation only when certain requirements are met. If you add one, two, or more to it, then the adaptation will be evenly distributed between them. How does it look in practice? You shouldn’t do several different exercises for the same muscle group. They will not grow faster because of this.

However, most people who go to gyms do just that and as a result, they do not move in their development. And all this is because the muscles are surprised when they receive various loads, which lead to quite unexpected result ultimately. After all, it is very difficult for the body to simultaneously adapt to various stresses and as a result, muscles, even if they grow, are very, very insignificant.

The only thing that is required for muscle growth is concentration on certain strength work. In this case, the load should be increased in a particular exercise, which is aimed at the simultaneous action of a large number of muscles. The body will respond to this one exercise much more readily than to several. It is necessary to throw away all unnecessary and concentrate on the basic exercise, which involves a certain muscle group and reach the peak of strength in it, repeating at least 5-10 times. This approach will help build muscle efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Tips to help increase muscle

To activate the process of muscle growth, remember to adhere to certain rules:

  1. It is advisable to train in the evenings, as it is during this period that the ideal ratio of testosterone and cortisol is observed.
  2. Warm up before exercising. Just 10 minutes will prepare the body and muscles for further stress.
  3. Spend more time on basic exercises that use the maximum amount of muscles. This helps speed up metabolic processes and stimulates growth. Basic exercises include, for example, regular squats. Only you need to do them correctly. Push-ups have a good effect; dumbbells should be used to thoroughly work out the upper body.
  4. Pay attention to nutrition. You will have to give up fatty foods, but proteins and carbohydrates are welcome. You will have to eat often but in small portions. It is possible to use dietary supplements that promote muscle growth.
  5. It is necessary to train regularly, this will lead to regular stress, and hence muscle growth. But with long breaks, you can forget about the expected effect.
  6. Rest. Muscles take time to recover. That is, it is recommended to pump a certain muscle group no earlier than after 2-3 days.
  7. Increase the weight of the equipment slightly each workout. However, you should not rush, too heavyweight will not allow you to carry out the required number of approaches.
  8. It is advisable to keep a diary that will help you apply the principle of the progress of loads and, therefore, build muscles quickly.

In conclusion, we would like to say that bodybuilding means building a body, which by its nature is a very malleable and plastic tool. You just need to follow the basic rules and principles and very soon your own body will become perfect.

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