How to gain muscular cubes on the abdomen?

Did you know that cubed muscles on the abdomen when training at home are achieved only by a few? It’s simple, you can train the abdomen for hours, but the desired definition will remain an unattainable dream. We figure out how to properly pump the abs and what set of exercises at home are suitable for a quick and long-term effects.

How to gain muscular cubes on the abdomen?

As with the pumping of other muscle groups, the abdomen needs an integrated approach. This means that in addition to exercises with a built-in load and technique, it is important to observe the principles of proper nutrition. The latter may be even more important than the exercise, as you can pump the abs for as long as you want and as hard as you like, but if the cherished muscles are covered with a layer of fat, then the meaning of training this area is lost. As a result, you will see growing and strengthening of the abdominal muscles along with a growing belly.


Let’s put together a short list of the principles of an integrated approach:

  1. It is important to evenly distribute the load and increase it.
  2. Think of the frequency of your training. Remember that 2-3 times a week is enough to achieve a defined abdomen, it is important not to overwork these muscles, as you may receive the opposite effect.
  3. For the entire workout, develop a special nutrition program that reduces the consumption of carbohydrates (especially fast ones).
  4. To increase the fat burning effect, add cardio to your strength training, which is aimed at increasing the overall endurance of the body.

Exercise for building the abdomen at home

Pumping the upper abdominal muscles

  1. Standard twists.

A universal exercise that is always included in the set of exercises for athletes who want to build their abs and its versatility lies in the fact that twisting can be performed both at home and in the gym. You can perform this exercise on the floor, on a special bench for the abdominal muscle, or even using a fitball.

Regarding the number of sets, do not strive to immediately complete 100-500 repetitions. You will achieve nothing but overworked muscles and a long recovery period. Adequately assess your initial fitness by performing 30 crunches with the correct technique. If your abs begin to ache from the middle, then start small with 20 reps for 3 working sets. If you already have developed abs, 30-50 repetitions for 3 working sets. Increase the number of repetitions gradually (for example, once a week).

Consider the correct technique for performing twists on the floor:

  • Lie on the floor, bend your knees, with your hands on the back of your head.
  • Slowly lift your upper body, leaving your back rounded (not straightening completely).
  • Hold for 1-2 seconds in the raised position and just as slowly lower to the starting position.

 If an incline bench is used for twisting, the technique will be as follows:

  • Fasten your knees on the bolsters of the bench, press your buttocks to the bench with your hands behind your head.
  • As you exhale, rise on the bench (do not straighten to the end).
  • Hold for 1-2 seconds in this position and slowly lower yourself back onto the bench.

From twists performing from the efficiency point of view it is better to use an incline bench. In this case, the load on the muscles of the upper press is higher, so you do not rise from a straight position and the trajectory of movement is greater

1. “Bike” exercise.

For effective pumping of the abdominal muscles for both men and women, the “bike exercise” is suitable. It is performed by lying on a flat surface with your hands behind the head. Start pulling your knees up to your chest (one at a time). You can add twists, with each pull-up of the knee, try to touch it with the elbow of the opposite arm. For example, pull up your right knee and reach towards it with your left elbow and vice versa. Such a complex not only pumps the abs, but also effectively tightens the oblique abdominal muscles.

2. Static exercises.

In order to get beautiful abdominal muscular cubes, you can perform both a standard plank and for example, a static leg raise at an angle, lying on your back. In the first case, you will pump all muscle groups without exaggeration, in the second, you will focus on increasing the strength and endurance of the muscles of the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

 How to perform the exercise:

  • Lie on the floor with your elbows also on the floor.
  • Raise your legs off of the floor at a slight angle (up to 30-45 degrees) and stay in this position for 30-40 seconds. It is important to feel the tension of the abdominal muscles at this moment.
  • Slowly lower your feet to the floor.
  • Rest for 60 seconds and repeat the exercise twice more.

Increase the duration of the lift gradually and as soon as you feel a burning sensation in the abdominal muscles, count to 10 seconds and then lower your legs. Over time, you will be able to keep your legs in this position for more than one minute and those beautiful and defined muscular cubes on the abs will not keep you waiting.


Pumping the lower abdominal muscles

1. Raising the legs from a prone position.

Basic exercises for pumping the lower abdomen and especially if a beer belly has already begun to appear.

Correct execution technique:

  • Lie on the floor with your arms at your sides and your feet together.
  • Slowly raise your slightly bent legs so that the hips and body form a 90-degree angle.
  • With almost no pause, slowly lower your legs down, but not completely.
  • Start the next leg lift without touching the floor.

In this case (when the legs do not touch the floor during the exercise), the abdominal muscles remain in tension until the end and are pumped as quickly and efficiently as possible. Perform 20-30 lifts for 3 working sets (with 60 seconds rest in-between sets).

2. Raising the legs while hanging on the horizontal bar.

If you have a horizontal bar at home, then an effective abdominal exercise (both for upper and lower) is hanging legs. During this exercise, all abdominal muscles are loaded.

How to perform this exercise:

  • Hang on the horizontal bar.
  • Raise your straight legs to a 90-degree angle (from your body).
  • Hold this position for 3-4 seconds.
  • Lower your legs slowly.

Perform 3 working sets of 10-15 leg raises. Further, as the muscles of the abdomen are pumped, you can use weights for the legs to increase the working load.

Working out the oblique abdominal muscles.

We all understand that beautiful abs do not look so beautiful without having pumped up oblique abdominal muscles. To work these out, there are also a lot of exercises and we have already named one of them which is the “bicycle” with twists (we touch the knee with the elbow). However, if you have a horizontal bar at home, then you can perform twisting while hanging on it.

What is needed for this:

  • Gain a foothold on the horizontal bar.
  • Hang and straighten the legs.
  • Raise your straight legs to an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Make an ascent to the right and the left.

The higher the legs are raised, the greater the load that falls on the abdomen. For a good result, 10-15 repetitions are enough to achieve this.


Tips for those who want to build their abs at home

So, we examined a complex of quite simple exercises, but with the correct technique for performing these very effective exercises at home. Let’s finally say a few words about nutrition, because as we found out, without it, the desired muscular cubes will remain hidden under the layer of subcutaneous fat.

So here are a few dieting tips to help:

  • Eliminate fast carbohydrates from your diet (baked goods, cakes, fast food, etc.).
  • Leave carbohydrates such as cereals, but focus on solely proteins.
  • Add white lean meat (chicken or turkey), legumes, vegetables or sour fruits to the diet.
  • Fats should also be present within the diet (cold-pressed oils for example) but not more than 15-20% of your daily total.

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